Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Vesak Day

happy vesak day 2556th for all budhists in the world. may all beings be happy.

/about vesak day
Vesākha (Pali; Sanskrit: Vaiśākha, Devanagari: वैशाख) or Vesak is a holy day observed traditionally by Buddhists in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the South East Asian countries of Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Burma, and Indonesia. Sometimes informally called "Buddha's Birthday", it actually encompasses the birth, enlightenment (nirvāna), and passing away (Parinirvāna) of Gautama Buddha
The exact date of Vesākha varies according to the various lunar calendars used in different traditions. In Theravada countries following the Buddhist calendar, it falls on a full moon Uposatha day, typically in the 5th or 6th lunar month. Vesākha Day in China is on the eighth of the fourth month in the Chinese lunar calendar. The date varies from year to year in the Western Gregorian calendar, but usually falls in April or May. In leap years Vesākha is celebrated in June.

A view of Borobudur temple is illuminated as buddhist monks walked around it during Vesak Day May 17, 2011.

/history of vesak day
The decision to agree to celebrate the Vesākha as the Buddha’s birthday was formalized at the first Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists held in Sri Lanka in 1950, although festivals at this time in the Buddhist world are a centuries-old tradition. The Resolution that was adopted at the World Conference reads as follows:
That this Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists, while recording its appreciation of the gracious act of His Majesty, the Maharaja of Nepal in making the full-moon day of Vesak a Public Holiday in Nepal, earnestly requests the Heads of Governments of all countries in which large or small number of Buddhists are to be found, to take steps to make the full-moon day in the month of May a Public Holiday in honour of the Buddha, who is universally acclaimed as one of the greatest benefactors of Humanity.
On Vesākha Day, Buddhists all over the world commemorate events of significance to Buddhists of all traditions: The birth, enlightenment and the passing away of Gautama Buddha. As Buddhism spread from India it was assimilated into many foreign cultures, and consequently Vesākha is celebrated in many different ways all over the world.
In 1999, the United Nations resolved to internationally observe the day of Vesak at its headquarters and offices.

/others name of vesak day
  • Bangladesh: Buddho Purnyima (বুদ্ধ পূর্ণিমা) or Buddho Joyonti (বুদ্ধ জয়ন্তী)
  • Cambodia: Vesak Bochea
  • Chinese-speaking areas: Fó Dàn (佛誕) or Fāt Dàahn
  • Nepal: Buddha Purnima (बुद्ध पुर्णिमा) or Buddha Jayanti (बुद्ध जयंती)
  • Indonesia: Waisak
  • Japan: Hanamatsuri (花祭)
  • Korea: Seokka Tanshin-il (석가 탄신일, 釋迦誕身日)
  • Laos: Vixakha Bouxa
  • Malaysia: Hari Wesak
  • Myanmar (Burma): Kason Full Moon Day (ကဆုန်လပြည့်ဗုဒ္ဓနေ့)
  • Sri Lanka: Wesak (වෙසක්)
  • Thailand: Wisakha Bucha or Visakah Puja (วิสาขบูชา)
  • Tibet: Saga Dawa (*ས་ག་ཟླ་བ། )
  • Vietnam: Phật Đản
 /dates of vesak day 2012
.thailand - 4 Jun
.singapore, laos, myanmar, sri lanka, cambodia, malaysia - 5 May
.indonesia, india - 6 May 
.china - 28 April

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